Timeless elegance with a natural dimension.

With a refined balance and subtle functionality, DUSK offers a new perspective in layered simplicity, to start and end every day with a smile.
Silver plated glass, solid ash wood
70x40cm, 90x50cm, Ø65cm, Ø85cm

DUSK is designed as a modest mirror, suitable for various spaces and situations.

The vertical orientated, continuous silhouette communicates a timeless elegance, where interrupted by the horizontal, solid ash shelf, introducing a new, natural dimension. Resulting in a mirror connecting both vertical, horizontal and depth dimension, linking space, matter and time. To display both your precious items as well as your precious self.

The shelves of the DUSK mirrors are made of locally harvested and processed solid ash wood, harvested by a foundation in our city that focuses on the traditional, sustainable and local processing of the wood from city trees.

When the trees have been cut, the planks are dried and processed to the correct thickness. After which we produce the fitting shelves for the DUSK mirror. The solid ash planks are treated with natural, linseed oil based paint, which makes it water repellent and easy to clean. Ready for sustainable use.